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Grace Hwang

My research focuses on utilizing transgenic mice to study the regulation of chromosome segregation and genome maintenance in germ cell progression. Using a combination of genetic and cellular approaches, I investigate the functions of structural maintenance of chromosome (SMC) complexes in the mammalian model system.

Current Research:

The structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) complex family, which includes cohesin, condensin, and SMC5/6, are essential for chromosome organization and dynamics during various important cellular processes. The complexes are vital for replication, chromosome condensation, sister-chromatid cohesion, recombination, and DNA repair. While functions of cohesin and condensin have been explored, the functions of the SMC5/6 complex during mammalian gametogenesis have yet to be discovered.  By characterizing conditional mutant mice, my project focuses on determining how SMC5/6 complex regulates genome maintenance during gametogenesis to early embryogenesis in both sexes.

Past Research Experience:

  • Generation of genetic mosaic screens for studying Drosophila ovarian stem cells

  • Analysis of systemic signals affecting Drosophila ovarian stem cell proliferation and maintenance

  • Characterization and analysis of genetic mutants in Drosophila using confocal microscopy

See my LinkedIn and profile for more info.

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