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Marina Pryzhkova

In my research I employ mouse transgenic models and pluripotent stem cells (PSCs). I try to perform interdisciplinary studies combining basic science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fields.

Current research:

The maintenance of stem cell genomic integrity is a critical issue for the regenerative medicine. With growing applications of human stem cells in clinic it is highly important to understand what are causes of stem cell genome instability and acquire mechanistic knowledge of underlining molecular processes. My current research is focused on Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes (SMC) complexes, particularly SMC5/6, and their roles in:

  • PSC genome maintenance

  • embryonic development

  • adult stem cell homeostasis and prevention of cancer

  • neurogenesis

  • gametogenesis

Past research experience:

  • generation of transgenic and knockout mouse models

  • derivation and characterization of mouse and human PSCs

  • PSC differentiation into hematopoietic stem cells and erythroid cells

  • tissue engineering using polymer- and carbon nanotube-based scaffolds

  • ECM patterning for single PSCs

See my LinkedIn and profile for more info.

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