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Recapitulation of meiosis in vitro


One of our research directions is devoted to recapitulation of mammalian spermatogenesis “in a dish”. More than 50% of infertile men display disrupted spermatogenesis, which cannot be restored by currently available treatments. These include cancer survivors, men with Klinefelter syndrome, a sex chromosome aneuploidy, as well as idiopathic infertility. Currently there are no well-established methods for the expansion of human spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) and generation of functional gametes. Our team employs mouse models, human adult SSCs, pluripotent stem cell-derived germ cells and aims to develop reliable methods to promote spermatogenesis in vitroImportantly, we are developing assays for validation of each stage of spermatogenesis  "in a dish", including the meiosis.

Furthermore, our lab has the capacity to directly compare the in vitro derived SSCs and spermatocytes to equivalent cells obtained directly from human testes.

Jordan lab
Jordan Lab

Human testis spermatocytes during prophase I of meiosis

human meiosis
Jordan lab
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